Meg’s (Virgin) Margarita

Meg's (Virgin) Margarita
Recipe type: Drink
  • For the purpose of this recipe I would say that one part = ¼ c.
  • This is the recipe for one drink, but works great as a party punch.
  • 1 part orange juice- (probably no pulp)
  • 1 part margarita mix (lime with a little lemon)
  • 2 parts sprite
  • and you can throw in a splash of grenadine if you like things to be sweet.
  1. For those who like it (I LOVE IT) dip the rim of the glass in lime juice or the margarita glass, then dip into a shallow dish with kosher salt or sugar, then pour in the drink over ice (on the rocks is the only real way to drink a margarita ever).
  2. Trust me, it's delicious!